If you're visiting the Netherlands for the first time with your family, here's a basic layout of what's close to our wedding.

This is probably your airport. There is a train station inside of Schiphol that connects to most cities.Open in Google Maps

2. Landgoed De Olmenhorst

This is the venue of the weddingOpen in Google Maps

3. Amsterdam Central

If you've never been to Amsterdam and want to visit, it's right there. You can catch a 15-minute train from Schiphol.
From our wedding venue, we recommend taking an Uber (30 minutes)
Amsterdam specific attractionsOpen in Google Maps

4. Oud Valkeveen

Oud Valkeveen is a small theme park for children. It has rides, a cafe and a beach.WebsiteOpen in Google Maps

5. Keukenhof

Our venue is next to the site where all the tulips in Holland are grown. It's a 10 minute drive to visit the park at Keukenhof.WebsiteOpen in Google Maps

6. Duinrell

Duinrell is a theme park and water park for children.WebsiteOpen in Google Maps

Hotels close to the venue

Van Der Valk Hotel Schiphol

WebsiteOpen in Google Maps

Hotel Novotel Schiphol

WebsiteOpen in Google Maps